Please consider donating to the October 2018 Veterans For Peace My Lai exhibit in Detroit.

Costs associated with the exhibit include travel expenses to bring the exhibit to Detroit from it’s “home” in Chicago, as well as helping pay for the exhibit construction costs. Any and all donations are appreciated! 

Being a IRS 501(c)3 organization, your donation is 100% tax-deductible. To donate, use one of the following options...


  • Mail donations - Please send donations to the Chapter 93 Chair, Steve Saelzler, at the following address...  Steve Saelzler, 28355 Relda Road, Brownstown Township, MI 48183. Checks should be made out to "Veterans For Peace Chapter 74." Also in the “memo” area of the check (lower left side) please write “My Lai”


  • PayPal or credit card donations - Please click on the PayPal button below with the amount you want to donate. Note: Please click the box on PayPal that states "Share my mailing address" so we can you a thank you (your address will not be shared with any other parties).

Thank you for your help!!!

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