Veterans For Peace Chapter 74, located in the Metro Detroit area (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Monroe Counties), is named in honor is named in honor of Michael Gramlich, a southeast Michigan veteran who for over 40 yeas was a leading-edge peace activist. Michael's quest for peace began in earnest following his experiences with atomic bomb tests in Nevada.  Veterans For Peace Seeks to increasing public awareness of the costs of war, restrain our government from intervening in the affairs of other nations, reduce the arms race as well as eliminating nuclear weapons, and to abolish war as an instrument of international policy.

Meetings & Events

Next Chapter Meeting - April 17th, 2021, 2pm

Due to the Corona pandemic, and the temporary closure of our regular (Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center) meeting location, the Saturday, April 17th, Veterans For Peace Chapter 74 meeting will be by Zoom teleconference only. There will be no face-to-face meeting. To participate, a few minutes before 2pm, April 17th, click on… The meeting agenda is the first item in the April (when published) Newsletter. Anyone can participate in this meeting, or any other VFP Chapter 74 event, be they veteran or not

Current VFP Chapter 74 Newsletter

The April 2021 VFP 74 Newsletter can be viewed online in both a PDF or Word/Open Office format.


Veterans For Peace & Earth Day

For a number of years, Veterans For Peace Chapters nationwide participated in Earth Day celebrations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, Earth Day events were cancelled for not only 2020, but for this year also.


While local Earth Day events are not taking place, we urge everyone to visit the Veterans For Peace “Take Action For Earth Day” web page at to commemorate Earth Day (April 22nd) where it is noted that… “For centuries, war has not only involved the annihilation of human life, but also environmental destruction, in the forms of both 'collateral damage' and deliberate damage to environments. Modern day warfare and technological advances have increased the ecological disturbances associated with war, both in the manufacturing and development of weapons.”  


Also, please visit the web page whose mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Growing out of the first Earth Day in 1970, Earthday.Org is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 75,000 partners in over 190 countries to drive positive action for our planet.

Veterans For Peace itself has many ongoing projects and campaigns to educate the public on the environmental costs of war. In 2003, Veterans For Peace endorsed the Earth Charter and became an affiliate of the Earth Charter Initiative in 2010. The Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign exists to pressure the U.S. government to honor its moral and legal responsibility to provide assistance to all Agent Orange victims and to mitigate the environmental damage in Vietnam. Through the Golden Rule Peace Boat Project, VFP educates and builds resistance against nuclear weapons. Also, the national VFP Climate Crisis & Militarism Working Group has been very, very active educating the public about climate change.


VFP Arlington Michigan Display In Downtown Detroit On Memorial Day – May 31st

Veterans For Peace Chapters 74 and 93 have again joined forces to set up the Veterans For Peace Arlington Michigan display (one grave marker for every Michigan soldier killed in the Afghan and Iraq wars – 230 total) in downtown Detroit on Memorial Day. The purpose of this display is to honor those who have fallen, to provide a place to grieve, and to educate the public about the costs of war, as well as the needs of those returning from conflicts. The display will be held on Monday, May 31st, 11am to 5pm, in downtown Detroit’s Grand Circus Park (Woodward at East Adams – map link at


Volunteers are very much needed to help set up the display starting at 10am (assemble in Grand Circus Park by the dog park area near Woodward) with setup taking an hour. Additional volunteers are needed to staff the display throughout the day and also take the display down at 5pm (takes around a 1/2 hour). If you can help out please contact Steve Saelzler 734-674-0688 - email

Ideas For Non-Violent Action

​​​In these difficult times, these 198 methods of nonviolent action have all been used in historical instances of nonviolent struggle -

Vietnam War - Full Disclosure

The Full Disclosure campaign is a Veterans For Peace effort to speak truth to power and keep alive the antiwar perspective on the American war in Vietnam -- which is now approaching a series of 50th anniversary events. It represents a clear alternative to the Pentagon's current efforts to sanitize and mythologize the Vietnam war and to thereby legitimize further unnecessary and destructive wars. The Full Disclosure web site - - has sections on the Vietnam War Chronology, Educational Resources, Advocacy and more.

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