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Corporate Dis-Honor Of Veterans On Veterans Day


Every Veterans Day, certain corporations completly dishonor veterans by holding sales on this solemn day, using it to simply make money. Sure, veterans gave years of their lives, or even gave their lives, so somebody could use Veterns Day for a sale.  Examples of how cold these corporations are when it comes to actually thinking of real veterans on November 11th is shown in these excerpts from print and and online sources.


Amazon (2014) - "What day is Veterans Day this year, you ask? Veterans Day 2014 is Tuesday, November 11. The great thing about about Veterans Day is that it about honoring those who have served in armed service. We have all the things you'll need to celebrate. We've gathered up great deals and our top picks, from party supplies, books, music, movies, and more. From electronic deals to party supplies, we've got what you're looking for this Veterans Day. Have a look around and find something to help with your Veterans Day plans."


Art Van Furniture (Michigan 2014) - "The Veteran's Day Sale at Art Van saves you an extra 20% off our sale prices - already up to 65% off! Nobody beats Art Van for holiday deals on furniture, mattresses, flooring and more." 


Belks (2014) - "Belk offers the latest designs in our Veterans Day Sales selection for the savvy shopper."


Macy's (2014) - "Macy's is holding a special sale to honor Veterans Day in the USA. With the coupon code "VETS" customers will get an extra 20% off their purchases. If you want to do some early Christmas shopping, this sale is the perfect opportunity for you."

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