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City Of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee (NMAC)


The City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee (NMAC), working through the Planning Commission, will work to enact recommendations of the City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Plan so as to offer residents increased non-motorized transportation and recreation options as well as having the Plan creating economic and quality of life incentives to the City.


The Committee normally meets the second Thursday of every month, 7pm, at the downtown Ypsilanti District Library in one of the two meeting rooms that facility has. However, due to the pandemic, the Committee has been temporarily meeting by Zoom teleconferences. For more information on Committee teleconferences, visit the City of Ypsilanti website News alerts at,1. Meeting agendas and past meeting minutes are at


Anyone interested in making Ypsilanti a better place to bicycle and walk is invited to attend NMAC meetings. 


For more information about the City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee, including Committee meeting minutes, agendas and the City Non-Motorized Plan, visit the official City Non-Motorized Advisory Committee website by clicking here

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