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2022 Ypsilanti Ride Of Silence

Wednesday, May 18th, 7pm

Ypsilanti Ride Of Silence Cancelled Due To Weather

With the National Weather Service calling for the weather to be “cooler today with rain (100%), particularly this afternoon & evening”, in the interest of safety, the Ypsilanti Ride Of Silence for Wednesday, May 18th has been cancelled.

Purpose: Silent ride to commemorate bicyclists killed or injured while riding and part of a world-wide event urging everyone, cyclists and motorists, to “share the road”.


Ride Location: Ypsilanti – 7pm, May 18 - The Ypsilanti Ride Of Silence takes place at 7pm at the Corner Brewery, corner of Norris Street and River Street (map at with free parking, restrooms and a restaurant.  

Ride Length: A little under 9 miles at a relaxed pace taking approximately one hour. 


Ride Maps:

Plot A Route -

G-Map - – Print version - click here

A limited supply of ride maps will be available at the start of the ride


Ride Markings: At some locations where a critical turn takes place, there will be a Ride Of Silence ‘road sign” or white arrow markings showing the route turn.

Showing Solidarity With Cyclists That Were Struck: Wear a black armband, or if you have been hit while riding, a red armband.


Before The Ride: Please make sure your bicycle is in good working order, including tires inflated to the proper value (tire pressures are stamped on the side of the tire). 


Problems On The Ride: There will be “sweep” riders at the end of the Ride Of Silence riders group to assist riders with problems. 


Cost: The ride is free. 


Registration: No pre-registration. Just show up. 


On The Ride: All participants are asked to wear a bicycle helmet and to obey all traffic laws, including stopping at all stop signs and traffic signals.  We are trying to set an example of the phrase “same roads, same rules! Also, the ROS is not a race and all intents the group is urged to stay together during the entire ride. 


Sponsors: The Program To Educate All Cyclists ( and Bike Ypsi ( . 


For more information about the Rides Of Silence itself visit 

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