City Of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee

Volunteer Projects 


Want to help make Ypsilanti a better place to walk and bicycle in? If so we, on the Non-Motorized Committee' need your help!


The Committee is in need of volunteers for various projects that the Committee is involved with. No experience is needed, just a little bit of your time. If you can help with any of the projects below, or are even mildly interested in them, please contact the Committee through Bob Krzewinski at or by calling 734-487-9058. 


  • Bike-Bus-Walk Week – Help coordinate/plan/staff events during Ypsilanti’s annual mid-May Bike-Bus-Walk Week (also know around the country as “Bike To Work” week). The main purpose of this week is to get people to try, for a day or a week, walking, biking or using alternative transit (i.e. busses) in the hope that it becomes a year-long habit.


  • Sidewalk Project – Help take action to improve or install sidewalks in the City of Ypsilanti. Work may entail site visits, researching funding, etc. 


  • Educational Efforts – Help set up and staff educational efforts about bicycling and walking at various City events, such as farmers markets, the Heritage Festival and other festivals. No expertise is needed, as much of this work would be just handing out maps and flyers.


  • EMU Outreach – Help encourage bicycling and walking to Eastern Michigan University students. This would be done through occasional early spring or early fall information tables in the EMU Student Center. 


  • Library Bike & Walk Book Section Expand – Help expand the bicycling and walking book section of the downtown Ypsilanti library. Job would include researching book titles and funding sources. 


  • Adopt-A-Street Program – Help establish an Adopt A Street Program in Ypsi, where local citizens would “adopt” a street (or portion of) to do regular trash pick ups. Help on this is needed with people that could solicit and track volunteers. 


  • Leading Walks – The Committee would like to organize regular community walks with such “theme walks” such as the Water Street Trail, “Walk And Talk” (walking including local City elected officials/staff), an Ypsi Labor Day “Bridge” Walk (i.e. if you can’t make it to Mackinaw City for that bridge walk, we will have a convenient one right here in town) and the annual New Years Day Ypsi Community Walk. No expertise needed, just a little bit of volunteer time.

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